Greetings from the Editorial Board. The Lagos Journal of Library and Information Science (LAJLIS) has migrated from its former host AJOL to a new journal platform. Authors and readers have probably noticed the delay in this issue of the LAJLIS. It was the transition that affected the Journal’s publication schedule. The delay is regrettable, but was unavoidable. I am happy to report that LAJLIS is now back on schedule, so readers can look forward to receiving subsequent issues in due course. This volume contains research papers on knowledge management skills, blended learning in LIS education, conflict resolution, COVID-19 and library services, disaster management, underserved and vulnerable populations, emotional intelligence, open access resources (OAR), institutional repositories, mentoring, computer-based testing (CBT), digitization of resources, and security awareness. There is truly something in these pages for everyone. I hope you enjoy this issue!

Prof. Uluocha Anyaogu